Bombay High Court Directs Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Brother to Remove Allegedly Defamatory Content in View of Proposed Settlement

Bombay High Court Directs Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Brother to Remove Allegedly Defamatory Content in View of Proposed Settlement
Justice RI Chagla also directed the brothers along with their lawyers to remain present in his chambers to discover the possibility of a settlement.

The Bombay High Court has asked the brother of Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui to remove any alleged defamatory content posted against the actor. The court has also directed both parties to explore the possibility of a settlement and appear in chambers on May 3, 2023, along with their lawyers.

The defamation suit filed by Siddiqui claimed that his brother Shamsuddin and his former wife Anjana Pandey alias Zainab Siddiqui made certain misleading claims about him. Siddiqui sought damages worth ₹100 crore, an order of injunction to restrain them from making defamatory statements, and a public apology from his brother and estranged wife.

During the court proceedings, Advocate Abhinav Chandrachud, appearing for Siddiqui, urged the court to restrain Shamsuddin from putting up any more defamatory content and to direct him to take down existing comments. Advocate Rumi Mirza, representing Shamsuddin, requested the court to use its good offices to settle the case between the brothers.

Justice RI Chagla asked both parties to restrain themselves from casting aspersions against each other and to maintain equity. The court also recorded Mirza’s statement that his client will not post or publish any further tweets of allegedly defamatory nature.

The case highlights the increasing prevalence of online defamation and the importance of taking legal action to protect one’s reputation. The court’s direction to explore a possible settlement also highlights the benefits of resolving disputes amicably rather than through lengthy court proceedings.

The court’s decision serves as a reminder that posting defamatory content online can have serious consequences and may result in legal action being taken. It is essential to think before posting anything online and to ensure that the content posted is accurate and not defamatory.

In conclusion, the Bombay High Court’s direction to remove alleged defamatory content and explore a possible settlement serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting one’s reputation and the need to think before posting anything online.

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